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Sunnydell Farm:

My mother, 91 years old, still lives on the family farm in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania. For over a decade I have been documenting the farm, the spaces and things in the house and buildings, and her life there.  This place, especially the house, has not changed much since my childhood there in the 1950s and 60s.  My parents took over the farm from my father’s parents in 1947 and named it Sunnydell.  They wanted to make the run-down farm a comfortable, modern home for us three children, and we all helped to make it successful.  The land is now rented out to neighboring farmers, the buildings are empty, and my mother still lives there. This project, has resulted in a book which includes my photographs, family stories, snapshots and documents, and my autobiographical writings.

Photographs: chromogenic color prints, 20"x24"

Copyright © 1992-2005. Karen Bucher. All rights reserved.